Install Mission Planner

Mission Planner is a full-featured ground station application for the ArduPilot open source autopilot project. This page contains information on the background of Mission Planner and the organization of this site.

Where to download Mission Planner

Make sure you download the latest version Mission planner,Some people have used very old versions, resulting in incompatibility with the new firmware of ardupilot, so before using, please make sure to download the new mission planner.

The latest version you can download from here:

For example,

What is Mission Planner

Mission Planner is a ground control station for Plane, Copter and Rover. It is compatible with Windows only. Mission Planner can be used as a configuration utility or as a dynamic control supplement for your autonomous vehicle. Here are just a few things you can do with Mission Planner:

  • Load the firmware (the software) into the autopilot board (i.e. Pixhawk series) that controls your vehicle.
  • Setup, configure, and tune your vehicle for optimum performance.
  • Plan, save and load autonomous missions into you autopilot with simple point-and-click way-point entry on Google or other maps.
  • Download and analyze mission logs created by your autopilot.
  • Interface with a PC flight simulator to create a full hardware-in-the-loop UAV simulator.
  • With appropriate telemetry hardware you can:
    • Monitor your vehicle’s status while in operation.
    • Record telemetry logs which contain much more information the the on-board autopilot logs.
    • View and analyze the telemetry logs.
    • Operate your vehicle in FPV (first person view)

All of these and many more features are covered here.

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