Compass calibrated problem

If the compass cannot be recognized, please upload the firmware FMUV3 correctly.

If you do not have firmware,you can download from here, , for example,




You can download the latest Mission Planner from here, ,it can download the V3 version firmware automatically.(Note,IF you want to upload firmware,you may be asked “Is this a CubeBalck?”Remember to click “NO”.)

How to calibrate?

1.How to calibrate internal pixhawk compass.

if you only use pixhawk without GPS compass.

2.How to calibrate internal and external compass.

if you add GPS, and the GPS has compass.

NONE. Do not mark “Use compass 3”.

when calibrate compass of GPS and board’s internel compass, make sure the flight control PIXHAWK arrow and the GPS direction arrow remain the same. The GPS module is bound, and the flight control and GPS module must be moved at the same time.

if meet this problem “compass not calibrated” after calibrate compass. It means that you select the wrong parameters .

How to fix?

Remove the mark of compass#2 and compass#3 “Using this compass” if you only use pixhawk without external compass.

Remove the mark of compass#3 “Using this compass,if you only use pixhawk with external compass.

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