How to update Bootloader for Pixhawk with JLINK SWD?

If you can not upload firmware because update bootloader, and use QgroundControl to clear the code,you should use this method to upload bootloader .

for example

Pixhawk AND J-link Connection,

3V3 --- VCC




3.Download the J-FLASH software tool

4.Download bootloader

program from here,

Note , you should download the stable bootloader from here.Not other.

5.Open JFLASH tool to upload

select TYPE SWD, MCU STM32F427VI.

code address 0x8000000

click to program the bootloader code.

5.Upload firmware

goto install firmware page and insert the pixhawk with USB to PC.

You will see the right bootloader message.then you can upload the firmware as you want .select FMUV3 firmware .

Since then, your bootloader program is stable code. Please don't update bootloader privately

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